Back Surgery

The Non Invasive Back Surgery Treatment Method

Non Invasive Back Surgery is one of the treatment methods that are used to address specific back health problems. It involves surgical procedures that do not entail incision or tissue removal. Other methods used to address health issues are minimally invasive surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic, and heat therapy among others. The method is applicable depending on the health condition at hand. Dr Robert Fink- Non invasive back surgery

Problems addressed by the treatment

The Non Invasive Back Surgery treatment is mostly used to address chronic lower back pains and spine problems. The non-invasive treatment is opted by an orthopedic for your lower back pain before other surgical recommendation such as open back surgery, spinal fusion techniques etc. For those with a pronounced condition may skip this treatment as they require immediate surgical operations.

Types of non-invasive surgery method

The Non Invasive Back Surgery treatment can be carried out through various methods. Laser surgery, which is carried out by use of laser beams is one of the non-invasive treatments. It is employed to burn out or remove tumors as well as correct dermatological or skin issues.

Combination with other treatments

The method to be used in a patient is predominantly defined by the assessment and diagnosis by a board of certified orthopedic surgeon. In some health problems, non invasive back surgery is not applicable at all times. It requires being combined with other methods such as minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. It is important to note that it is not an alternative to the invasive methods for back pain treatment. However, it is helpful in pain management as well as helping patients with orthopedic problems to release neuromuscular tension.

Some instances where non-invasive procedures are less effective

The treatment method is limited to some health problems. Instances such spinal disk herniation, extrusion, protrusion, or degeneration, will require more that just a non-invasive procedure. A minimal incision is required to enable the surgeons to access the root of the issue. The minimally invasive procedures such as endoscopic surgery can be employed to address lower back pains.

Advantages of using Non invasive procedures

· They allow for quick recovery. The treatment of various individuals as revealed by the research carried out shows that they recover quickly. This allows them to resume their daily activities within a short duration

· It reduces the risk of post-surgical infections. Various side effects such as scarring, infections, excessive bleeding, etc. often appear after surgical operation. This treatment lowers the risks and possibly eliminates them, as it does not involve cuts or incisions to your body tissue

· The treatment does not require the use of sedation or local anesthesia

· It is less painful and less expensive

· When using this method, complication rates are rare and when present they are lesser

Cons of non invasive back surgery

· It is limited to a number of back problems


The Non Invasive Back Treatment method is here to solve you lower back pains in a cheaper, less painful way. The orthopedic doctor carries out the treatment and it helps to eradicate back pains as well as the release of neuromuscular tension. It a high time that you make your back pain, spine pain, neck pain, and other kinds of pain a thing of the past with the non-invasive surgery method.